Studying the Word

Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. II Timothy 2:15

You know, studying the Bible is something that most Christians do not do. I, myself, have found that studying the Bible can seem tedious and boring at times. However, it is a necessary part of the Christian walk. Beyond the fact that it is good to know what the primary text of our faith teaches, the Bible is also the foundation of our relationship with God. It is his word, to me, to you, and to the world.

So what then must we do? Well the answer is found here, in II Timothy 2:15. This verse is a clear exhortation to all Christians to, well, study the Word. Paul commands Timothy to “Be diligent.” Diligence isn’t some half-hearted attempt, it isn’t a mere cursory reading of the word each day. To be diligent, is simply to seek meaning in the word day in and day out. Give your best effort, as much as you can towards the goal. Now, the question is, what are we to be diligent about? And the answer is that we are to show our selves “approved.” Approved, isn’t a word generally used in this context, but here it means that we are to show ourselves to be acceptable and qualified. We are to have a knowledge of the Bible that we may defend it and learn from it. How else are we to see improper doctrine?

The part that does with diligence is “dividing the word of truth.” Quite obviously, the Word of Truth is the Bible. However, though it is true we need to study the bible to understand the context of the verses, the broad scopes of the messages. It is quite easy to take a verse out of context without background in the message. Thus, when we study the Bible and learn about it, we can “rightly divide it,” or expound on our beliefs of what the bible says and counter incorrect arguments about the Christian faith, from the bible.

All this is so that we “do not need to be ashamed.” I would be ashamed if I could not counter an argument I knew to be false. Our study of the world enables us to boldly stand up for truth. The Bible is true, but at the same time it is open to interpretation. It is the responsibility of each and every Christian to study the word so that we can interpret the truth correctly. I exhort you, read and study the Bible because it is the foundation of the Christian faith.


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