What is most beautiful on earth?

What do you consider most beautiful on earth? Is it the vast size of the grand canyon? Is it the soaring heights of mountains? the peace of rolling plains? Or perhaps the cherished face of the one you love most? Or perhaps you consider the grandeur of the skies above to be the most beautiful of all? These things are beautiful yes, but none of these is the most beautiful of all.

Think of this: Jesus Christ has bridged the vast and insurmountable gap between God and humanity. Reconciled with God, Christians will one day soar with Christ as God is ever glorified. The gospel gives us peace as we can rest in the infinite strength of an omnipotent God. The fullness of love is realized in the blood of the cross and what can be more grand than uncountable people worshiping God in the Church, the bride of Christ reconciled to him by the gospel.

There is nothing more beautiful than to see the work of the gospel. There is nothing more magnificent than to praise God and give him the glory he deserves. There is nothing more awesome than the church moving to be a better bride of Christ. The gospel is what is most beautiful on earth for it changes lives, and lives need to be changed.


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