About the Author

My name is Timothy H. and I’m a university student in Queen’s University at Kingston in Canada. However, beyond that I love Jesus. I love his church. I love learning more about him, and I love seeing him change lives. For the last several years I have had an increasing interest in theology, in the Church, and in a historical Christianity. Through my readings and musings I have changed much about who I have been and have allowed Christ to begin to shape my life.

I am a student of science, I am studying for a BSc in Chemistry and I love seeing the beauty of the natural world. To that end, I not only learn about the world through the methodology of the scientific method, but I also take photos.

I write from a position outlined in my statement of faith.

I have a great passion and desire to see the Church come to an increasing knowledge of its beautiful history, of its great theologians and ministers, of its great prayer warriors and depth of theology. I want the church today to see how it remains relevant in an ever secularizing world and I want to see Christians become more like Christ and have many others come to know Christ. It is for this that I write this blog, to help define my faith and let others think about their own. I welcome comments and criticism and am open to discussion, perhaps even a guest post or two?

updates are likely to be infrequent as I’m usually quite busy. However, do feel free to send me a message at aquahelper (at) gmail.com if you would like to see something specific addressed. I cant promise anything but I can see what I can do.

-Timothy H

Above all, may the peace of christ rule in your hearts.


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